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Founded in 1972 and now with 220 employees across its stores and head office, Tony Bianco has grown to be one of Australia’s most popular fashion retailers and sought-after footwear brands. After launching the brand’s online store in 2006, their ecommerce expansion positioned the brand as the premier online destination for stylish, fashionable footwear in Australia.

Operating in a competitive space, Tony Bianco’s digital team were looking to differentiate themselves from competing retailers, and engage their community in a unique and exciting way.

Taggd has become a core part of Tony Bianco’s online marketing strategy, has delivered exceptional value from our community’s own content, and allowed us to grow and engage with them regularly.
— Adam Bianco - Director, Tony Bianco

Key results WITH TAGGD


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in time on site


Increase in average order value

Before Taggd

As one of Australia’s most loved footwear brands, Tony Bianco has a fantastic community, with hundreds of thousands of fans creating original, beautifully styled content each day.

The team understood the unlocked potential of their community and wanted to find a way to effectively leverage the value of customer-generated content (CGC) in a way that both encouraged product discovery and on-site purchase, while remaining true to the Tony Bianco brand experience.

Jo Phan, Tony Bianco’s Digital Marketing Analyst, explained:

“The need to deliver increased sales online whilst retaining brand integrity was a key deliverable. We were already spending a lot of time and money on content creation, and at the same time, we’d worked hard to develop our social following.

We really wanted to rethink the way we looked at social. Stepping away from the common practice of simply sharing our content with fans, we instead opted to look at embracing customer photos that focused on their excitement around our brand and products.”

Like most retail sites, the Tony Bianco website is navigated through category browsing (E.g. Heels, flats, boots or handbags), and is further filtered by product, colour, size and styles. While other retail sites were using Instagram widgets to display branded content from their own Instagram feed into the site with limited functionality or focus, Tony Bianco felt this option lacked a level of control such as matching products and categories - an image of a handbag was not useful on a strappy sandal page - as well as customisation of look and feel to match the site.




Finding a partner

The team began looking for a platform that could display CGC on the website and product pages to drive sales online, reduce the need to invest in content creation in-house, and allow them to deliver a measurable ROI to their social investment.

In their search, the team found that typical Instagram galleries would still only gather posts from the brand’s own Instagram feed (not from the community’s posts), and drove potential customers to the Instagram account rather than the product’s shopping cart.

Even the more advanced platforms only collected images that had been manually tagged (Eg. #tonybianco) by users and required a lot of day-to-day management to gather, sort, and manually tag their own products - a huge waste of valuable resources.




Closing the loop

Activating Taggd on the Tony Bianco website was simple and straightforward, with all design customisation and content management handled by the Taggd team. A single snippet of code was added to the site in just minutes and didn’t require development or design resources from the Tony Bianco team at all.

Straight away, the platform began autonomously matching images to Tony Bianco’s product catalogue, with those images able to be showcased where they mattered most, on their respective product pages.

The Lookbook, a customised gallery of on-brand customer photos, proved a great place for impulse buys and additional purchases, where product discovery became product inspiration. Prospective customers were able to filter the gallery how they naturally would when searching for a product, and were able to see additional detail like size, colour and fabric that would otherwise be difficult to convey when worn by a model. Seeing the products worn by real customers rather than models built trust and enabled new customers to see fit, quality and styling in a more authentic way.

The team still had full control over what content was approved to be published onto the pages, but the automated system behind Taggd took care of all sourcing, curation and product matching. In a matter of minutes, they could navigate through tens of thousands of customer photos by category and activate the ones most likely to engage and convert.

Better still, the platform uncovered images beyond what was simply tagged with #tonybianco, and in the process the team discovered new tags commonly used by the community. This included content based on store locations, fashion shows, events, models, celebrities and high profile bloggers.




The results

Within the first two weeks, the impact Taggd had on the site was clear: not only did Tony Bianco’s Instagram following grow, the rate of CGC being created and shared by fans rose three-fold.

The seamless integration with Google Analytics meant Jo and her team were able to identify the best performing content and close the loop between social, engagement and sales. Intelligent insights like this allow brands to then use these images in their online advertising and other marketing channels for even more engagement.

“Taggd changed everything for our online channel. From day one our sales grew and grew. Looking at the analytics we saw a HUGE jump in social engagement too. It was clear that CGC worked, and Taggd was undoubtedly effective,” said Jo.

Interestingly, Taggd has also had an impact on in-store sales, with customers asking for particular products based on a past customer’s content featured on the Tony Bianco website. This has grown the Tony Bianco community and built trust between the brand and its customers.

Director Adam Bianco explains, “Taggd has become a core part of Tony Bianco’s online marketing strategy - we’re always looking at how we can add more value to the Taggd channel. Best of all, we're spending less on content creation and social engagement, because we engage and trust our community to come up with the best content. We’re encouraging them to create better, varied and different content. It’s a different way to look at social.”

It’s clear that tapping into the authenticity created by Tony Bianco fans has been a game changer for the brand. Tony Bianco has effectively closed the gap between their customers and the brand, and Taggd delivered an innovative, yet simple, way to do so.

The team especially love the hands-off model. Each day, Taggd scans, curates and automatically matches customer content to individual products, then offers a gallery of on-brand images and video for the brand to approve before publishing to the lookbook and product pages.

Taggd continues to be a trusted partner in growing the Tony Bianco brand and community.

“Taggd has delivered exceptional value from our community’s own content, and allowed us to grow and engage with them regularly. In turn, the improved content the community creates is bringing more people to the site, and derives a real return on our social spend,” said Adam.

Social conversations have not only driven conversions, the quality of the content created by the Instagram community continues to become more brand and product focused.


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