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Founded in 1985 with a small rack of swimwear sold in a family run fabric shop, Swimwear Galore now represents over 100 brands across its online store and six retail stores. As the go-to destination for men, women and children’s swimwear, the growth of social media - particularly Instagram - has helped the business create a lively community of fans and loyal customers.

Caz Skudar is the Marketing Manager for Swimwear Galore and is tasked with using innovative processes and practices to deliver consistent sales growth, manage on-brand content and drive community engagement.

We sat down with Caz to find out more about why Swimwear Galore uses Taggd and the results they’ve seen.

Taggd has delivered a huge value, both in terms of the functionality we needed and in resource savings.
— Caz Skudar - Marketing Manager, Swimwear Galore

Key results WITH TAGGD


Higher conversion rate


Assisted revenue generated in 30 days using Taggd


Increase in average order value

Before Taggd

Swimwear Galore recognised the value in the content being created by their customers on Instagram and implemented another platform before eventually switching to Taggd.

Caz explained, ”We’d implemented a cheaper platform on the market, which placed content on our site, but we had some issues. It didn’t scale as we grew and it required manual tagging by our team internally, which took forever - there was no automation behind product matching which made scaling the system virtually impossible. Even then, we weren’t able to be specific about the image placement and style on each page.”

Caz and her team found the whole process of finding, curating and matching products time consuming and frustrating. It resulted in the team reverting back to their own feed’s content rather than the amazing customer-generated images they were seeing everyday on Instagram.

As a business that aims to be the one-stop-shop for all swimwear brands rather than customers going to the brand directly, they found the features extremely limiting and the current solution simply wasn’t easy to manage or scalable.

“Annoyingly, we were really only able to use images from our own Instagram feed, ignoring some of the great customer content featuring the products we stocked. In addition, the lack of flexibility in design and customer experience meant that the whole system felt like an “add on” and customers rarely engaged with the platform more than once”, said Caz.

Keeping the integrity of the Swimwear Galore brand while still showcasing the amazing swimwear brands available was vital, but the current platform looked the same on every website that used it and didn’t allow for custom design changes.

They knew there had to be a better way and started looking around for alternatives.

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Taking the plunge

After discovering Taggd on another ecommerce brand’s website, the team found it perfectly fit the functionality and scalability they needed.

The pricing model was scalable to give room to grow with the business, and the platform delivered the level of design customisation needed to seamlessly fit with the Swimwear Galore brand, rather than seem like an “add on”. In fact, installation was so easy that within one afternoon the Taggd team had customised the design to match the website’s branding with a unique look and feel to drive engagement and frequent use.

The autonomous sourcing of content meant the team were able to curate images beyond what was simply tagged with #swimweargalore and in the process, uncover a wealth of photos, videos and commonly used hashtags previously unknown to the brand.

Most importantly, the collation, curation and product matching from all Instagram users was totally automatic, allowing the team to finally showcase their products as worn by their beloved customers alongside their own images and those from the brands they stock. Better yet, the platform highlighted which images had the most impact and in doing so, allowed the the team to predict which images were most likely to convert.




The results

The platform had an immediate impact on product sales, with Caz saying, “Taggd was effective from day one. Once the lookbook was live, sales grew and kept growing.”

Since Taggd allows Swimwear Galore to curate images from their customers as well as the brands they stock, their community has grown exponentially and the quality of content keeps getting better.

The brand’s able to show inspirational, aspirational images to prospective customers and as a result, “We’re spending less money creating Instagram content, and we’re engaging more with our community. In turn, they’re creating better, more varied content, so it's a great advantage to us - the community feels closer, and we’re working with them to get great imagery.”

Content management now only requires one person from Caz’ team to simply approve or deny suggested images in the Taggd dashboard, allowing them to curate hundreds of on-brand and high-converting images in only a few minutes a day.

It allows Caz and her team to categorise and filter products quickly and easily, something that was critical to be able to scale as the business continues to grow.

“Taggd has delivered a huge value, both in terms of the functionality we needed and in resource savings. Rather than spending time on finding great imagery, Taggd gathers and sorts it automatically, without being limited to the Swimwear Galore feed - that’s a huge game changer, especially with the incredible content we have on site now.”

Swimwear Galore continue to choose Taggd as their preferred partner for driving product sales and building a thriving community through customer-generate content.


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